Please find noted below the major points applicable (but not limited to) to our approach to the task.

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  • Scrutiny of all information provided and sourced from the Client, project consultants, Government Authorities etc.

  • Application of quality irrigation equipment.

  • Utilisation of proven technologically advanced control systems.

  • Adoption of ‘Maintenance Minimisation’ design techniques.

  • Application of irrigation design Best Management Practice.

  • Consultation with Landscape Architects as to specific water requirements of plantings.

  • Determination of gross irrigation area, cross-referenced by planting type.

  • Determination of Gross water requirements.

  • Consultation with Client with regard to possible future growth of development area beyond that envisaged.

  • Consultation with Civil consultants as required, concerning under-road ducts, services location etc.

  • Determination of water supply and bore pump requirements and location.

  • Conceptual design of water supply pump station/s, bores and mainline sizing and location.

  • Review proposed timetable of works to coordinate water supply establishment prior to staged irrigation works, or recommend/design interim solutions as required.

  • Applications to Government Authorities as required.

  • Design reviews as required.

  • Generally to implement the Scope of Irrigation Consulting Services in a timely and professional manner.

  • Ensure Client satisfaction with all aspects of the design and works.

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