The methods employed by this firm in ensuring the successful undertaking of an irrigation project, termed a Project Design and Implementation Strategy, encompasses the broad classifications of:

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Without the timely and effective communication of specific requirements, ideas and information a project would run the chance of significant cost overruns and project delays as a result of duplicity of works and erroneous works scheduling.

This firm prides itself upon its communication skills and continually strives to identify and implement new communications techniques and improve upon systems and procedures currently employed.


From our experience, it is imperative that comprehensive research be undertaken to provide the firm with the information that will form the basis for the project design philosophy.

In addition to the information obtained from various Government Authorities and Project Consultants, the information provided by, and sought from with the Client is the most important, as it is this information which will be utilised to provide the direction of our design philosophy.

Design Philosophy

The design philosophy adopted by this firm is briefly noted below:

  • Identification of Client requirements.

  • Identification of practical & budgetary limitations.

  • Consultation with other project consultants.

  • Consultation & Recommendations to Client.

  • Design development & documentation.

  • Design Review

  • Design implementation & supervision.

  • Project inspection & commissioning.

  • Compile Project Designed/As-Constructed documentation.

General Interaction

As irrigation consultants, an important aspect of providing a quality service to our clients, is what we consider our ability to work closely with project consultants of diverse disciplines.

Whilst recognising that project consultants have an a specific field of expertise, we all have had some contact with, and experience with the others discipline. This firm welcomes any inquiry, comment or criticism with regard to any aspect of the services provided to the client, in order that it may be acted upon, in the interests of all concerned.


This firm fully supports the principles and processes of “partnering” to promote cooperative contracting between the Client, its consultant team, management & staff, the contractors and other stakeholders in/of the proposed projects.

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